Medical Waste

Medical Waste Disposal for Cruise Ships

Cruise ships and other vessels have unique needs when it comes to medical waste disposal. Any waste generated must be kept aboard the ship for weeks or months at a time, while space is at a premium. Furthermore, waste must be carefully handled to prevent accidental injury or exposure to staff or passengers. The Biovastum SBW™ offers an excellent solution to these issues with efficient, safe, and easy medical waste disposal.
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Medical Waste Processed By the Biovastum SBW™

  • Soiled gloves
  • Syringes
  • Gauze and bandages
  • Needles
  • Scalpels
  • Surgical tools
  • IV lines
  • Intravenous bags
  • Biohazard spill kits
  • Non-sterilizable scissors
  • Soiled personal protective equipment
  • Lancets
  • And More

The Biovastum SBW™ transforms red bag and sharps waste alike into a solid, unusable brick. The resulting block is harmless and non-toxic, leaving it ready for the common trash. This helps save space aboard cruise ships and also immediately eliminates liability concerns posed by expired medications or used sharps. Furthermore, the unit itself is only slightly larger than a microwave, making it easy to fit aboard a vessel. Altogether, the Biovastum SBW™ is a perfect solution to medical waste disposal aboard cruise ships.

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Innovative Biomedical Waste Management

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