Medical Waste

Medical Waste Disposal for Nursing Homes

Nursing homes produce a wide range of biomedical waste. This includes more traditional waste like needles and syringes, as well as razor blades and expired medications. Regardless of its purpose, all of this medical waste must be disposed of in a secure manner. Our unique Biovastum SBW™ technology provides a cost-efficient and simple method of medical waste disposal for nursing homes.
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Medical Waste Processed By the Biovastum SBW™

  • Soiled gloves
  • Soiled personal protective equipment
  • Gauze and bandages
  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Scissors (non-sterilizable)
  • Scalpels
  • Lancets
  • Surgical tools
  • Biohazard spill kits
  • Intravenous bags
  • IV lines
  • And More

The Biovastum SBW™ offers an excellent solution to the problem of cradle-to-grave liability at nursing homes. All medical waste is subject to this form of liability, which means that a nursing home can be held liable for any injuries or accidents involving their medical waste until it is completely neutralized. The Biovastum SBW™ is more cost-effective than traditional medical waste disposal but also eliminates liability concerns by neutralizing waste at your facility.

In short, the Biovastum SBW™ is a cheaper, safer, and more efficient way to handle medical waste disposal at nursing homes. Contact us to learn more our patent pending Biovastum SBW™ technology.

Innovative Biomedical Waste Management

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