Medical Waste

Medical Facility Waste Disposal

Responsible biomedical waste disposal is a must for any medical facility. Whether in a traditional or non-traditional healthcare environment, sharps and red bag waste are necessary byproducts of providing quality care to your patients. Disposing of these materials shouldn’t interfere with your operations or negatively impact your bottom line.

Save money while safely, simply, and securely processing your biomedical waste at your facility with the Biovastum SBW™. Our system is designed to provide effective biomedical waste management and disposal anywhere biomedical waste is generated.

The Biovastum SBW™ Can Be Used At:

Whether you need to dispose of needles, syringes, gauze, personal protective equipment, or other medical waste, the Biovastum SBW™ will handle it. The Biovastum SBW™ neutralizes all medical waste, leaving it safe, non-toxic, and certified for common trash disposal. In short, the Biovastum SBW™ is the perfect solution for medical facility waste disposal.

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Innovative Biomedical Waste Management

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