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Medical Waste Disposal

By state and federal law, any facility that generates medical waste must take care to dispose of this waste in a safe, professional manner. Unfortunately, standard processes for medical waste disposal are costly and leave the facility vulnerable to lawsuits and litigation. Our patent pending Biovastum SBW™ technology sterilizes and neutralizes sharps and red bag waste for ordinary waste disposal.

How Does it Work?

The Biovastum SBW™ is a small device and revolutionary new product that renders your biomedical waste sterile, safe, and ready for the common trash. Based on SBW™ technology, this device transforms the material into a solid block, neutralizing viruses and bacteria in the process. It is suitable for:

As you can see, the Biovastum SBW™ is useful for a wide variety of applications.

Benefits of the Biovastum SBW™

  • Cost-Effective. By disposing of your medical waste through ordinary waste removal means, you save thousands of dollars or more. This unit eliminates the need for a biomedical waste management service.
  • Safer. The Biovastum SBW™ allows you to neutralize any threat from toxic exposure or sharps immediately. This keeps your staff, your patients, and your community safe from accidental exposure or injury.
  • Decreased Liability. By neutralizing any dangerous medical waste at your facility, you are able to protect your business from expensive, harmful litigation.
  • Easy to Use. Operating the device is safe and easy. Simply place the container in the Biovastum SBW™ and press the button corresponding to the waste type (sharps, red bag, etc.).
  • Environmentally-Friendly. The device emits zero emissions and produces a benign, harmless brick that can be safely thrown away or recycled.
  • Small and Unobtrusive. The Biovastum SBW™ is slightly larger than a microwave, meaning it can fit in any room or closet with an outlet. The device runs extremely quietly, so you won’t disrupt any nearby occupants. Despite high internal temperatures, two cooling fans keep it cool throughout operation.
  • Approved by the EPA, CDC, and More. The device has been rigorously tested to meet all regulations provided by the EPA and CDC. In other words, you can rest assured that it properly processes biomedical waste.

Most Biovastum SBW™ users will find the unit pays for itself in savings within 6 to 12 months. Furthermore, this device eliminates the need for dedicated storage space within your facility and protects your organization from liability concerns abounding from thrown-away sharps and toxins.

The Biovastum SBW™ allows you to dramatically reduce the financial, environmental, and legal burden of medical waste disposal. Contact us today to learn more about how your business benefits from our medical waste disposal system.

Innovative Biomedical Waste Management

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