Benefits of the Demolizer II

Benefits of the Biovastum SBW™

The Biovastum SBW™ offers a number of benefits over traditional medical waste disposal. Based on SBW™ technology, the Biovastum SBW™ is more cost-effective, more secure, and easier to use than comparable methods. By neutralizing all medical waste at your facility, the Biovastum SBW™ is unique in that it allows you to eliminate all liability concerns immediately.

Benefits Offered by the Biovastum SBW™

As you can see, the Biovastum SBW™ is not only more cost-effective but also provides a convenient, environmentally friendly method of disposing of all waste at your location.

How Does it Work?

The Biovastum SBW™ works by transforming sharps and red bag waste alike into a solid, non-toxic brick. Over the course of 3 hours, this device heats the waste to 385°F which completely kills all bacteria and viruses. The resulting block is certifiably ready for the common trash, ending your liability and eliminating the need for expensive disposal services.

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Innovative Biomedical Waste Management

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